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Meta Data

Meta data refers to key attributes in your page body that search engines may refer to and use when indexing your site.

Page Title

Title is one of the most important elements of your page. Does it reflect what the page is about? Will people search for this title?

Meta Description

The meta description attribute is used by most major search engines to generate a default description for your website. It is not always used (typically the snippet is related to the search term) but it is important to ensure your page meta description is readable and relevant to your page content.

H1 Heading

Your page should contain a H1 tag which describes the content of the page. Search engines may place a weighting on your indexing based on the content of the H1 tag.

Page Keywords

The chart below shows the top 10 keywords used on

Page keywords are words within your page content that occur most frequently. Having too many keywords within a page can be detrimental to your sites SEO whilst not having the right keywords is also not good. Striking the right balance between keyword relevancy and usage is an important SEO undertaking.


It is important to ensure your images are correctly formatted and have the correct tags that help search engines understand what they are. The ALT tag on images provides the ability to ensure your images are visible to search engines and also for text only and slow web browsers.

The ALT tag can be optimized for use with search engines such as Google™ and Yahoo™. Title elements are generally better suited as a navigation aid to the user. Google Image Search™ can be additional source for customer traffic, using correct title and alt tags could help your image search result positioning.

Response Speed

Ensuring your website responds quickly is a metric that search engines will use to judge your site. Your customers will also judge your site by how long it takes to load the pages. An unresponsive site will loose you customers and search engine rankings.

Domain Redirect and can be considered different websites. Links to your site using a mix of www and non-www requests may split the benefit of your search engine optimization.

Domain Response Code Google Results Google Results


How well is your site doing from a social perspective? Are people bookmarking and sharing your site?


Facebook is the worlds largest social network. Ensuring your site is integrated and being shared on it should be a priority if you are looking to increase your sites inbound marketing results.


Delicious is a social bookmarking tool, it allows web users to bookmark content they find useful and share that with others.

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Overall Score

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SEO Score

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Compared to others

Compared to other sites run through the Website Optimizer.

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