Page Keywords

The chart below shows the top 10 keywords used on this page.

The table below shows the keywords found and the amount of occurrences for those keywords. If your keywords with high SEO relevance are not keywords you consider to be relevant for people searching for your site, consider changing your site text.

Keyword Occurrences SEO Relevance
example 6 High
data 3 High
account 3 High
trends 3 High
seo 2 High
extension 2 Medium
easy 2 Medium
usage 2 Medium
providing 2 Medium
individual 2 Medium
technologies 2 Low
today 2 Low
analysis 1 Low
optimization 1 Low
lookup 1 Low
hey 1 Low
user 1 Low
download 1 Low
quick 1 Low
lookups 1 Low
directly 1 Low
browser 1 Low
websites 1 Low
optimize 1 Low
track 1 Low
compete 1 Low
better 1 Low
simple 1 Low
way 1 Low
improve 1 Low
standards 1 Low
whilst 1 Low
monitoring 1 Low
competitors 1 Low
signups 1 Low
provides 1 Low
trending 1 Low
accurate 1 Low
picture 1 Low
internet 1 Low
statistics 1 Low
available 1 Low
professional 1 Low
product 1 Low
constantly 1 Low
scans 1 Low
changes 1 Low
allows 1 Low
large 1 Low
businesses 1 Low
intelligence 1 Low
removals 1 Low
optimizer 1 Low
api 1 Low
blog 1 Low
twitter 1 Low
facebook 1 Low
uservoiceoptions 1 Low
required 1 Low
optional 1 Low
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Keyword Overload Test

Keyword Overload Test Pass

The highest keyword frequency is 6 which is below the recommended maximum occurrences for a single page keyword, which we have set at 30.

For more information about keyword overload/stuffing see this Google Article.

Keyword Relevance Test

Keyword Relevant Test Pass

Some of your keywords appear in the phrases you are trying to optimize. Try and get more of the keywords into your optimization phrases to improve your relevancy for those searches.

Keyword In Phrases
example keyword Found
technology Found
safari Not Found
trends Not Found
seo Not Found
extension Not Found
easy Not Found
usage Not Found
providing Not Found
individual Not Found

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Page keywords are words within your page content that occur most frequently. Having too many keywords within a page can be detrimental to your sites SEO whilst not having the right keywords is also not good. Striking the right balance between keyword relevancy and usage is an important SEO undertaking.

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