The Website Optimizer Affiliate Program allows a participating business ("Reseller") the opportunity to resell products and services to end-user clients on a profit making basis ("Reseller Customers").

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does being an affiliate mean? It allows you to profit from the sale of paid accounts at the website optimizer from customers you send to our website. How does it work? We provide you with a unique Url that you provide your website visitors with. When your visitors click on that link we store a cookie on that visitor's computer for 30 days. If they sign up for an account and purchase a paid account you are entitled to a % of the sale and any recurring sales made by that user.
How much do I earn per sale? The current commission per sale is 25%. What do I need to setup an affiliate account? You must have a PayPal account we can transfer your commission sales into and setup your own tax calculation system.
How often do you pay out commissions? The minimum payout is $50. If your account reaches this value you can request we pay this value into your nominated account. What is my earning potential? Lets say you refer 100 visitors a week to the site, of which 10 purchase a platinum account at $39.95 and who stay with the optimizer package for a 12 month period. Your monthly compound earning would be as follows -
Month 1$99.87
Month 2$299.62
Month 3$599.2
Month 4$998.75
Month 5$1,498.12
Month 6$2,097.37
Month 7$2,796.5
Month 8$3,595.5
Month 9$4,494.37
Month 10$5,493.12
Month 11$6,591.75
Month 12$7,790.25
Note, real affiliate earnings will vary based on your signup rate, cancellation rate and referral rate.